Recent Before & After Photos

Mold due to a leaking pipe.

New York Certified SERVPRO technicians removing damaged dry wall caused by a leaking bath tub pipe.

Water Damage Cat 2 Sump Pump Failure

A sump pump failure requiring the carpet, lower paneling and dry wall to be removed and all affected areas were cleaned with the application of an antimicrobial... READ MORE

Severe Water Damage

Customer was out of town and had a pipe freeze. It caused extensive water damage through out the home. SERVPRO removed the damage floor and wall board. All ar... READ MORE

Ice Dam/Water Damage

The gutters clogged up with ice. The water backed up, traveled under the shingles, and leaked into the house. SERVPRO was here to help.

Sewage Backup and Mold Remediation

The sewer backed up causing a large amount of feces to cover the basement floor. The loss went unnoticed for a few days and developed into a mold remediation p... READ MORE