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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Sewage Backup and Mold Remediation In Buffalo NY

The sewer backed up causing a large amount of feces to cover the basement floor. The loss went unnoticed for a few days and developed into a mold remediation pr... READ MORE

Ice Dam/Water Damage

The gutters clogged up with ice. The water backed up, traveled under the shingles, and leaked into the house. SERVPRO of Buffalo-Tonawanda was here to help. An ... READ MORE

Severe Water Damage

Customer was out of town and had a pipe freeze. It caused extensive water damage through out the home. SERVPRO of Buffalo-Tonawanda, removed the damage floor an... READ MORE

Water Damage Cat 2 Sump Pump Failure

A sump pump failure requiring the carpet, lower paneling and dry wall to be removed and all affected areas were cleaned with the application of an antimicrobial... READ MORE

Mold due to a leaking pipe.

New York Certified SERVPRO of Buffalo-Tonawanda technicians removing damaged dry wall caused by a leaking bath tub pipe. If You See Signs of Mold, Call Us Today... READ MORE

Fire Extinguisher Clean Up by SERVPRO of Buffalo-Tonawanda

This clean up took place in Buffalo, NY when there was an accidental fire extinguisher discharge. SERVPRO of Buffalo-Tonawanda spent a few days cleaning up all... READ MORE

Hidden Mold From An Interior Pipe Leak. SERVPRO of Buffalo-Tonawanda

A musty odor was present in the bathroom and the customer called SERVPRO of Buffalo-Tonawanda to inspect for odor. During the inspection the lower walls was te... READ MORE


Approximately 30% of insurance claims are caused by an appliance failure. Dishwasher lines and hoses can spring a leak at any time during a wash cycle causing w... READ MORE

Basement Fire in Buffalo, NY

After the fire trucks leave, your home likely suffers from fire and smoke damage and extensive water damage from firefighting efforts. SERVPRO of Buffalo / Tona... READ MORE

Sewage Clean Up

The three types of contaminated water:Category 1: "Clean Water"This is water from a clean source, such as a broken clean water supply line or faucet. If left un... READ MORE

Carpet removal and water damage restoration

When storm waters seep into the home, and effects the carpets, its inevitable that bad things will start to occur if the carpet is not removed, such as mold an... READ MORE

Moisture removal after storm caused a roof leak in Buffalo, NY

The break room in a local store had moisture from storm water trapped underneath the ceiling tiles. We were able to removed the ceiling tiles and place fans int... READ MORE

Dehumidifiers to the rescue!

After a nice suburban home had water seep into their basement during a storm, they wanted to make sure that all water was removed from the room and the air. SER... READ MORE

Storm water in ballet studio

Water leaked into this ballet studio during a rain storm, and in turn warped the wood dancing floor. SERVPRO tended to the damage by removing the floor boards a... READ MORE

Water in basement creates dangerous mold growth

Water and dampness that was left unattended in this basement caused dangerous mold growth. Our production team went in and mitigated the mold growth and removed... READ MORE

Removal of shelves and water dry out after storm

A heavy rainstorm filled this home's basement with water and damaged the bottom half of wooden storage shelves that the family utilized. Our technicians promptl... READ MORE

Walls and floor drenched by rain water

This home's walls and floor were soaked after a sump pump failure occurred during a rain storm. Our crew helped by removing the wet walls to prevent dangerous m... READ MORE

Wooden floor damaged by storm rains

This finished basement suffered a great loss when it's beautiful wooden floor was wet, and warped up from unexpected storm rains that leaked in. Our team succes... READ MORE

Soaked basement dried out

A sudden water loss that occurred in this family's home destroyed the carpeting in their basement, causing a threat for mold growth on the floors, walls, and be... READ MORE

Overflown toilet

This business had an unfortunate surprise when they found that a toilet in their building backed up with sewage. Our SERVPRO techs came in , removed all of the ... READ MORE

Meth fire aftermath in Tonawanda, NY

The fire in this apartment was due to a meth fire. The final result was the bathroom being destroyed by smoke and soot and meth residue from the fire, as well a... READ MORE

A sofa machine hose burst in a school in Buffalo, NY causing a sticky situation.

A sofa machine hose burst in a school in Buffalo, NY causing a sticky situation. The syrup pooled on the floor and sprayed on the walls. SERVPRO of Buffalo-To... READ MORE

A pipe break causes extensive water and mold damage in Kenmore, NY

As this customer was enjoying Florida in the winter, their home was not doing so well. The cold Buffalo temperatures caused a pipe to break above the kitchen c... READ MORE

Ice forming from an interior frozen pipe break in Buffalo, NY

During the cold Buffalo winter months, pipes can become frozen and burst. It’s very important that you respond to a broken pipe immediately as it causes w... READ MORE